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Step 1: 
Accelerate Your Business
Learn how to start and scale a profitable business that enables you to share your voice and positively impact the world. Our experts have collectively built countless 7 and 8 figure businesses from the ground up and will teach you their proven methods and shortcuts to success.
Step 2: 
Elevate Your Mind, Body & Spirit
Discover the foundations of a powerful mind, body, & spirit that work in synchronicity for optimal well-being. You'll learn how to cultivate an unshakeable mindset that follows through on your goals, an energized body you feel your best in, and a nourished spirit you feel connected to and guided by.
Step 3: 
Upgrade Your Relationships
Learn how to go deeper within your relationships to create transparency, authenticity, accountability, and empowerment. Discover solutions to weed out what isn't working and use conflict to your advantage. You'll learn how to bring new layers of yourself to the table and feel deeply seen by those you love.
 We've brought together over 25+ of the world's most influential entrepreneurs and thought leaders to teach you the 3-step approach to create a life you love from the inside out.

They'll show you how to elevate the full spectrum of your life so that you thrive in every domain—from a profitable & meaningful business to a powerful mind, body & spirit, to authentic & empowering relationships with the people you love.

This exclusive online event is broken down into 3 easy-to-follow sections to
 help you succeed faster.
Who's Presenting and What Is Each Session About?
I hand-picked millennial speakers who are at the top of their game, living life on fire. These speakers have built seven & eight-figure companies, are bestselling authors, professional athletes and musicians, operate major media companies that have millions of readers each month, are Ted and Tedx speakers, and have over 10 million combined social media followers. Most importantly, they’re teaching from experience, not from theory.

Despite their full lives and busy schedules, each of these speakers jumped on board for this event and have promised to teach their best content — because they get the value of learning from someone that is just a few steps ahead of you and don’t want you to go through the same setbacks they made… and they know that the right strategy or insight, properly applied, can change and accelerate everything.

All I can say is, you’re in for a treat!
Below is a list of the speakers & their categories:
Step 1: Accelerate Your Business
John Lee Dumas
Entrepreneur on Fire
Host Of Best of iTunes Podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, generating 7+ figures a year and 1.2 million monthly listens.
Jules Schroeder
Unconventional Life
Host of Unconventional Life, a media platform and podcast that airs on the Forbes Under 30 channel. 
Brian D. Evans
Founder of Influencive, a content platform with 1+ million monthly readers. 
Daniel Priestley
Entrepreneur Revolution
International serial entrepreneur who built and sold his first multi-million dollar business before age 25. 
Caitlin Pyle
The Work Anywhere Life
Founder of The Work Anywhere Life, a blog and online course business that grew to 7-figures in 15 months.
Dmitriy Kozlov
Maverick NEXT
Co-founder of Maverick NEXT, a network for exceptional young entrepreneurs.
Clinton Senkow
Co-founder and COO of Influencive, contributor for major media publications, and advisor at Hatchpad.
Jack Delosa
The Entourage
Founder of The Entourage, Australia's largest education institution for entrepreneurs. 
JP Moridi
Real Estate Mogul
Founder of a wildly successful real estate business  generating $50+ million in yearly revenue.
Rob Fajardo
Advisor to Fownders, Social Impact Accelerator and Founder of Leave Normal Behind. 
Cloe Shasha
TED Program Producer
Program and content producer at TED, in charge of event curation and podcast production.
Cam Adair
Game Quitters
Founder of Game Quitters, the largest support community for video game addiction. Members in 74 countries.
Step 2: Elevate Your Mind, Body & Spirit
Jake Ducey
Into the Wind
Author of best-selling human potential books Into the Wind, The Purpose Principles, and Profit from Happiness.
Jackie Knechtel
Flow Mastery
Co-founder of Flow Mastery, a conscious paradigm of effortlessness and ease in life and business.
Justin Faerman
Flow Mastery
Co-founder of Flow Mastery and of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, a popular media platform.
Carey Gjokaj
Lifehack Bootcamp
Founder of Lifehack Bootcamp at 24, the top-performing online productivity program. Former 9-5'er at Kraft Foods and Popchips.
Jokke Sommer
Professional Base Jumper
One of the world's best wingsuit flyers with hundreds of millions of video views on social media and TV.
Taryn Southern
Professional Youtuber
Taryn Southern is an internet personality whose videos have received more than 700 million views online. 
Eric Termuende
Rethink Work
American Express's Top 100 Emerging Innovators Under 35. Author and International Speaker, helping millennials rethink the workplace. 
Dane Maxwell
The Foundation
Retired entrepreneur at age 32 after growing The Foundation to over 7-figures. Now a singer and songwriter sharing his music & heart with the world. 
Zion Kim
99 Robots & Triberr
Zion has advised and consulted with companies ranging from early stage and funded startups to Fortune 500 companies.
Tim JP Collins
The Anxiety Podcast
Founder of The Anxiety Podcast, a podcast with 500k+ downloads helping people move past anxiety & fear to live the lives they were destined for.
Step 3: Upgrade Your Relationships
Connor Beaton
    Man Talks
Founder of ManTalks, the fastest growing personal and professional development network for men.
Jared Kleinert
3 Billion Under 30
Author of bestselling 2 Billion Under 20, the #1 Entrepreneurship Book of 2015, and 3 Billion Under 30.
Alexi Panos
The Bridge Method
Co-founder of The Bridge Method, facilitating dramatic transformation for thousands worldwide.
Preston Smiles
The Bridge Method
Co-founder of The Bridge Method, author, international speaker and social media influencer.
Libby Payne
Powerful Partnerships
Founder of Powerful Partnerships, a movement that uses relationships as a catalyst for personal growth and impact. 
John Thompson
Circling Europe
Redefining intimacy and presence. Helped spread the transformational connection practice called "Circling" to 20 countries in just a few years.
Sean Wilkinson
Circling Europe
Redefining intimacy and presence. Helped spread the transformational connection practice called "Circling" to 20 countries in just a few years.
Jordan Allen
Circling Europe
Redefining intimacy and presence. Helped spread the transformational connection practice called "Circling" to 20 countries in just a few years.
After Parties Hosted With
Jules Schroeder
Unconventional Life
Brian D. Evans
Jared Kleinert
3 Billion Under 30
Dmitriy Kozlov
Maverick NEXT
Here's Why You Should Attend This Online Conference
#1 - Slash Your Learning Curve With 100+ Years of Success Strategies Straight From People Who've Done It
Don't waste years of your precious time in trial-and-error. Instead, skip to the front of the line and claim the success you deserve today. 

Each of the speakers I've hand-selected will reveal their success roadmaps so you can learn from their mistakes, capitalize on their shortcuts, and replicate their proven methods to create a life and business you love.
#2 - Your Ticket is FREE
Although most conferences cost thousands of dollars, I'm giving you a free ticket because I want you to have access to these powerful, life-changing tools.

But you must claim your spot now because the presentations will only be available for free during the live summit January 15-17th, 2017. 
#3 - Action-Step Packed Interviews With Top Entrepreneurs
Gain access to exclusive, behind-the-curtain interviews where each of these experts gives us an up-close look into what's led them to where they are now.

You'll walk away with digestible, actionable advice you can apply immediately to get real results.
Get Access to 25+ Expert Interviews on How to Elevate Every Area of Your Life... AND Use it to Get to 7 and 8 Figures
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Why We Are Hosting This Summit
We're creating this summit because we believe in saying "yes" to a life 
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The one you were born to live.

The business that aligns with your heart.
The lifestyle that provides freedom and abundance.
The health that sustains you with energy, clarity, and vitality.
The tribe that knows and recognizes you as their own. 

If this is a "hell yes" for you too, then join us for the summit and register below!
About Your Host
Jules Schroeder is the founder of Unconventional Life, a show hosted on Forbes that profiles millennials who earn their living in non traditional ways. 

Jules launched her first 6-figure company at the age of 18 and first 7-figure company at 22, while serving as a digital marketing consultant for many top companies. At 27, Jules is creating a movement to empower Millennials to prosper and profit from doing what they are most passionate about.

She is known known for being a trailblazer and Millennial innovator with a unique ability to spot trends and create innovative global solutions whether it through her writing, storytelling, or singing. 

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